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The first use of commercial freezer should pay attention to these matters, we must look

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The maintenance of commercial freezer is very important. Some customers buy it back for the first time. It is not properly used according to the instructions of commercial freezer manufacturers. There are often various refrigeration system problems, and even irreparable damage to the compressor! The following is an analysis of the Ao Kesi commercial freezer.

The newly purchased commercial freezer must be placed on a flat floor. The commercial freezer is placed on the top of the commercial freezer. The top of the commercial freezer is more than 48cm from the ceiling. The two sides are more than 25cm away from other objects. The back of the room should be more than 18cm away from the other objects. The indoor environment should be ventilated smoothly and dry. .

Commercial freezers that have just been transported and transported should be allowed to stand on a flat surface for 4 to 6 hours before starting up. Before use, carry out 3 to 6 hours of power-on empty cabinet operation. Do not start immediately after shutdown. Wait for more than 5 minutes to avoid burning the compressor.

The commercial freezer is cleaned regularly and can be cleaned once every three months, which will extend the service life of the commercial freezer. When cleaning, first cut off the power, gently scrub with a neutral detergent and water, then wipe off the cleaning agent with water. Remember not to wash commercial freezer with talcum powder, alkaline detergents, corrosives, boiling water, oil, etc.