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Display cabinets are often used in supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.

Chuanggeer Commercial Kitchenware

The display cabinet is one of the commercial refrigerators we often say. It is characterized by good display performance. Not only professional storage temperature requirements, but also strong requirements for displayability, the display of good freezer can effectively promote the sales of operators, so a typical feature of commercial refrigerators is the use of single or multi-layer transparent glass doors Consumers can see internal items without opening the freezer door.

We know that commercial refrigerators, such as convenience store freezers, pay great attention to the display effect of beverages. Customers who come to this convenience store will definitely care if the store is hygienic and whether the beverage will find the type that it wants. If a display freezer can make consumers feel comfortable, then he will become your frequent visitor.

The capacity of commercial refrigerators is also very large. Generally, large and medium-sized ones can be customized, which are several times that of household refrigerators. The advantage of a large volume is that more freezer can be frozen, and there is no shortage of refrigerated drinks. And the power is large, to meet the quick freezing of beverages and food.