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What refrigerators are needed to open a bakery or cake shop?

Q: I want to open a bakery. Which refrigerators do I need?

A: The freezer commonly used in bakery is a room temperature bread display cabinet, a cake preservation cabinet, and an egg tart hot crisp cabinet.

Q: I want to buy a few cake storage cabinets and bread display cabinets, but I don't know what size and style are suitable?

A: There are many styles of cake storage cabinets, and different styles are different. The actual size and needs need to be measured according to the size of your store. If you have any needs in this regard, you can call 400-0809-198 to let us provide you with a one-to-one reference plan.

Q: How much is your cake storage cabinet?

A: The price of the cake fresh-keeping cabinet is determined by the size, configuration and style you need. For the price of a certain freezer, please call our 24-hour service hotline: 4006-788-900.

Q: Where can I buy your freezer?

A: You can support online ordering, or you can call our 24-hour service hotline 400-0809-198 to request your purchase, you can buy the freezer products you need.

Q: Do you buy your freezer package?

A: Chuanggel freezer provides you with professional door-to-door installation service. Debon logistics can be sent in remote areas without worrying about any damage to the product.

Q: What should I do if your refrigerator is broken?

A: Chuanggel Freezer has a huge after-sales service team. There are maintenance cooperation outlets in all cities in the country. You only need to call 400-0809-198 for repair. We can arrange after-sales service for on-site service.