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How to add "fire" to the vertical refrigerator in the cold winter?

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The cold river disappears and the frozen water gradually flows. The Japanese people are returning, and the birds are fishing on the sand. This is the poem of the Ouyang Xiu in the Song Dynasty that describes the scene of the cold winter. At present, the scene of December in the north is suitable for this poem. In the winter, the temperature is almost at the temperature of refrigerating, and more businesses need less food to keep fresh. Therefore, many merchants feel that unplugging the power supply and saving power will delay the life of the vertical freezer. Does the cold winter vertical refrigerator also need to stay asleep? In fact, it is only necessary to add "two fires". The same is true for using vertical refrigerators in winter and it will also save power.

First, the use of matters

1. The freezer should be kept away from heat. The heating tools to be used in winter will gradually increase. If the freezer is close to the heat source, the refrigerator will work at two temperatures. When the refrigerator is working, it needs to exchange heat with the outside world, that is, it radiates heat to the outside through the condenser. The higher the ambient temperature, the slower the heat dissipation. In addition, for every 5 °C increase in temperature around the freezer, it will increase power consumption by 25%. If the ambient temperature is too high, increasing the power consumption will not affect the cooling effect and shorten the service life of the freezer.

2. The winter freezer should be placed in a place with low humidity. Since the freezer casing, condenser and compressor are all metal materials, if the humidity of the air is too high, these components will be easily rusted, and at the same time, the environment will be caused by condensation on the surface of the refrigerator and affecting the performance of the refrigerator.

Second, cleaning and maintenance

1. The compressor and condenser of the vertical freezer are located at the top. These positions are very easy to get dust, which affects the heat dissipation effect, resulting in shortened component life and reduced cooling effect. It is very simple to clean, just use a clean brush or a dry cloth to remove the dust, but be careful not to use a damp cloth. The vertical refrigerated cabinet of the external compressor needs to be cleaned in the same way.

2. This kind of cleaning is very beneficial to the service life of the vertical freezer. It is closely related to the power consumption night. It is recommended that the vertical refrigerator should be cleaned 3~4 times a year and cleaned once every 3 months.

If you add the "two fires" scientifically according to the above method, in fact, your vertical freezer does not need to hibernate at all, it will save power and delay the service life.