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Shandong Chuanggeer Commercial Kitchenware Co., Ltd. started in 2000. It is a professional manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment integrating R&D, design, production and sales. The company covers an area of nearly 23,000 square meters. The principle of enterprise development is production and sales. The most cost-effective refrigeration display cabinet enterprise suitable for the majority of end customers. The main production supermarket refrigerators include: vertical air curtain cabinets, air-cooled beverage cabinets, air-cooled flower cabinets, hanging meat fresh-keeping cabinets, vertical a la carte cabinets, deli cabinets, fresh meat cabinets, island cabinets, ice tables, etc. More than 100 products of more than 100 varieties of supporting products. The company's factories use advanced manufacturing processes and strict quality control systems to ensure high quality, high stability and energy efficiency.

Chuanggeer Commercial Kitchenware

Chuanggel has a professional refrigeration equipment senior engineer and technical team. He has accumulated rich experience in refrigeration equipment production for many years and cultivated a solid and capable technical team. In 2017, the company added new equipment such as CNC punching machine, laser cutting, CNC bending machine, shearing machine and ordinary punching machine. Newly joined 5 top production engineers, and received strong support from the practical technical design institute and the refrigeration equipment academic group. The good equipment support and the high-tech talents introduced by the brand have provided a strong technical backing and new products for the development of the company. The R&D guarantee has achieved the high quality product quality and brand value of Chuanggel. Every product of the brand does not need to look at the trademark, and the product itself is the best proof.

Achieving customers, achieving employees, and achieving Chuang Geer The own brand “Geng Geer” is directly sold to all users in the country through our own sales office. Chuanger believes that through our continuous improvement of the enterprising quality control system and direct sales system, our company will continue to grow, so that our users can use the high-end Haier and Panasonic commercial refrigerator products at the market civilian price.

Welcome friends from the sea to come to understand and negotiate. Choose Chuang Ge, the business reaches Sanjiang.

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